Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brandy's Outdoor Bridal Portraits

Here are some pictures of Brandy, a beautiful bride we took pictures of last summer. I thought these were good illustrations of our fresh look at wedding (and bridal) photography. Not only were these shots taken at a beautiful location, but they held special significance for Brandy, as her mother lives just a few minutes from here. We love to travel, but more than just that, we love to capture you in places that hold some significance. It's not just about good pictures, it's about people and places and memories. Let's find that special place for you...

Brandy Falling Water


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Portraits of your kids

Nothing is more important to you than your kids, and they'll never be this age again. At New South Portraits, we want to capture these moments for you. We love to shoot where you and your children are comfortable, not only does it make for better faces and expressions, but a background that means something. Here are a few examples of some child shots done a while ago, we hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Samples of a 1 Location Photo Shoot

The following photos are an example of what you can expect from a one location photo shoot. We try to choose interesting locales with a variety of different options in order to produce the best photos possible. If you have or know of any High School Seniors looking for portraits please ask us about our Senior Discount.

As always... You own the photos!







New South Portraits!!

After several weeks of tweaking and optimizing, we finally have launched a presentable site for those looking for portraits of kids, families, seniors or whatever: New South Portraits (

Pay special attention to the pricing, as we are doing it a little differently than most other studios. Most places don't charge much up front, then try to gouge you on print prices. We don't have the time or desire for that, and figure our clients don't either. Our pricing structure is such that we charge a more reasonable price up front, then sell prints and products at an affordable price. Plus we give you the digital negatives! In the end, we feel like it will work out cheaper for nearly everyone, plus you will know more closely what you will spend up front.

We designed it this way because that's what we would want out of a photography company. Let us know what you think!