Saturday, February 6, 2010

Something Special - Arkansas Wedding Photography for under $1000!!

Wedding photography is expensive. Photographers have 10s of thousands of dollars in equipment, thousands of hours of hard won experience and a priceless vision used to shoot that special day. Unfortunately, some couples just can't pay for a rings, a wedding, reception, honeymoon and $3000 for two professional photographers to shoot their wedding. With that in mind we have introduced a new, more affordable package for you, our customers, and we call it The Essentials.

We have thought long and hard about our pricing structure and feel strongly that we are worth every penny. At the same time we understand money doesn't grow on trees, so we have designed this package to maximize our time as well as your dollar. For starters, it's one photographer instead of our usual two. This is how a lot of studios shoot weddings, and we will still get plenty of shots. Secondly, you get your digital images on DVD to do with what you want. So much of a photographers time is spent after the wedding on the computer, designing books and canvas displays, and with The Essentials package, we cut that part out, and pass the savings on. We will still give your images a first pass edit, and we can always go back and design a book. On top of the monetary savings, it also cuts down the turnaround time, so you'll get your images quicker!!

If The Essentials sounds like something you might be interested in, shoot us an email at