Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Engagements in Downtown Little Rock

Sure, it's a little soon for fall colors, but we managed to find some, and get some pretty good images along the way. Here are Ben and Liz's engagement shoot. As my mom would say, don't they make a handsome couple? We'll be shooting their wedding in New Orleans this spring, and we're really looking forward to that too!







Trash The Dress!

Ok, so we didn't really trash the dress, but we did get it a little dirty. This is a shoot we did for Jaime and Phillip, and since the ceremony was over, it allowed us a little more freedom with our location shoot. Give a look see and tell us what you think. Are you interested in a (not quite) Trash the Dress shoot?






Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Wednesday!






Family Portraits




Why Do You Need Two Photographers?

We love to capture all aspects of the wedding day, including some the bride and groom may not even know happened! Because most of our packages offer two professional wedding photographers, moments like these never get forgotten.

Spying on the Bride and Groom's First Meeting





Ode to the Band

We recently shot a beautiful backyard wedding complete with a musical performance by the father of the bride. We promised we would post the pictures for him to see, so here they are!